There are two wars being fought right now.

One is a matter of lives: the battle that first responders, doctors, nurses, scientists and others are fighting to save lives. The other is a matter of livelihoods: the ability of our economy to produce and distribute the goods, services and funds that we all depend upon to eat, dress, and have a home.

This battle is secondary, and rightfully so. But it’s not unimportant.

I recently asked 250 chief marketing officers and marketing leaders for their top three tips about growing in a down economy. In particular, about how they are reacting to Coronavirus or COVID-19. Almost without exception, they are ripping apart plans, restructuring departments, and figuring out new ways of working and connecting with customers. (Full disclosure: this was a research project for a client, Singular.)

And 73% of marketing leaders are actually increasing their marketing efforts.

But first, they’re focused on empathy and service.

Today In: Consumer Tech

“A pandemic is not the time to sell, it’s a time to serve,” says Sara Varni, CMO at cloud communications platform giant Twilio. “Make sure your organization is providing tools and information that are of value in the moment.”

This time is hard for everyone. So now more than ever it’s time to be empathetic.

Tricia Gellman, CMO, Drift